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We all have problems in our lives that we would like to change but we get stuck along the way.  

Do you find yourself wondering "is this all there is" to life, feeling like you are just going through the motions and not truly living?  Do you sense a distance from those you love, wishing that your relationships were more satisfying but not knowing how to make that happen?  Are you constantly trying to be someone you are not, trying too hard to please others, pulled in a million directions without the comfort of feeling good in your own skin?  


The safe, trusting relationship with a caring, compassionate, and skilled therapist can help you understand what gets in the way of having the life you want.  This relationship also supports you as you grow and change in ways you only could have dreamed of.  My ability to listen intently and sensitively in a special, therapeutic way is what sets our relationship apart from other social and familial relationships you have with friends or family members.  It is through the security of this relationship that we understand what has kept you stuck until now and can help you find greater achievement and contentment.

Couples Therapy

You chose your partner for a reason, probably for many reasons, both known and unknown to you.  In the course of a relationship, through all of the twists, turns and challenges, we can lose sight of what we appreciated in each other in the beginning.  I work with all couples (including LGBTQ+, cross-cultural, etc.) around issues of infidelity, sexuality, becoming parents, raising children, disability, and more.


I help couples learn about themselves and each other, about their individual and shared needs and desires.  Most important, I help you to change your patterns of communication  and reignite your relationship through a deeper connection.

If you are the partner, child, parent or other loved one providing physical or emotional care to someone with an illness, you know that the person who is diagnosed is not the only one living with the disease.  Severe and chronic illness has an impact on every person in a family and care partners/caregivers need support, too.  How challenging it is, though, to care for yourself when one of your significant roles is caring for someone else.  Carving out some time to work with me can help you to find support, practice self care, and reclaim your sense of self.

Living with a serious or chronic illness can be isolating, anxiety producing, confusing and bewildering. These challenges, however, can also present opportunities for growth and meaning.  Whether newly diagnosed or years into a disease, many people living with an illness, their families, partners or caregivers can benefit from an understanding, experienced counselor who can act as a navigator through the illness.  From understanding a new diagnosis, to navigating the health care system, to making sense of who you are in light of a life-changing diagnosis, I can help guide you through the process of integrating your diagnosis into your life so that it can be a part of you without defining you.

The relationship with a therapist is just like any other relationship.  It must feel comfortable and be the right fit.  To help us determine whether we want to work together, I provide a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation to enable you to describe what you are looking for in counseling/therapy and for us to determine whether we should meet for a full hour consultation session.  If working together is not the proper treatment, I can consult on helping you to find the right one.  

Photo by Derril Roy on Unsplash

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